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CentimeCredit: flexible working capital credit 

Qualify quickly. Boost working capital. Fund growth.


CentimeCredit™ combines a commercial credit card (CentimeCard™) and a working capital credit
line (CentimeCash™) in one integrated package that is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use.


  • Securely complete an online digital application
  • Quickly qualify based on company balance sheet and cash flow
  • Get a CentimeCard™: a commercial credit card that extends cash and provides rebates
  • Access CentimeCash™: a cost-effective line of credit


  • Use integrated cash forecast to access working capital “just in time”
  • Obtain credit from leading bank
  • Optionally provide personal guarantee
  • Apply easily, know quickly, fund rapidly

CentimeCard™ is a commercial credit card fully integrated with the Centime AP application
and is optimized to maximize payments to card-accepting suppliers.


  • Pay card-accepting suppliers with CentimeCard™
  • Easily engage and enroll card-accepting suppliers
  • Capture supplier payment terms: payment limits, surcharge fees
  • Pay suppliers online, or safely send virtual cards by email


  • Stretch payables by 20-50 days for no cost
  • Maximize rewards
  • Honor supplier preferences while driving card spend
  • Mitigate fraud risk with virtual card payments

CentimeCash™ is an unsecured working capital line of credit that provides your business
with cash in near real-time as and when you need it.


  • Draw cash from CentimeCash™ credit line to fund any operating account
  • Choose your own payback period: 1-90 days
  • Automatically clear open balances with auto payback


  • Only pay for what you use
  • Use cash for any business purpose
  • Payback early with no penalties

plan payment runs; optimize working capital

See Centime Cash Reporting and KPIs in action, in a test environment with realistic data, to understand the value the solution can deliver — free, with no commitment. Try and see whether Centime Cash Reporting and KPIs or any of our other cash management solutions — AP Automation, AR Automation, Cash Forecasting or working capital credit — can help you thrive.

Our customers

What customers love about Centime


“Centime creates a simple and easy way for a business leader to review their finances. I can log in, see dashboard and realize, ‘I better make some changes,’ or, ‘This might be a good time to take my engineering investment from 10% to 12% because cash flow is high.”


Todd Murphy, CEO, Universal Information Services

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Centime is a powerful suite of cash management solutions.


See how it can help you run your business better.