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In the market for AP and AR solutions? Catch up on the latest trends!

In the wake of COVID, finance departments are more urgently digitizing key processes, with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable rising to the top. Digitization has demonstrated the unassailable benefits of better cash flow, improved efficiency, and improved financial controls. But how are modern solutions shaping up and what are the current trends in this hot space? In this webinar you will hear from Ken Suchoski, Payments and Fintech Equity Research Analyst for Autonomous Research. Ken makes it his business to follow public and private companies providing AP, AR, and B2B payments solutions and will assist us in teasing apart this complex, confusing, fast-changing universe. Topics covered – - What is the value? Learn about the utility of automated AP and AR solutions - Who are the competitors? A market map of providers, their target customers, strengths and weaknesses - What’s next? How are solutions adapting to market needs and shaping the market?

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Managing cash flow like a Fortune 500 company — at a fraction of the cost

Centime's chief product officer, Sergio Tzianos, recently joined Saurabh Jain, George Day and David Levi to discuss why controlling cash flow poses major challenges to all businesses — and some of the lessons small and mid-sized businesses can learn from enterprise-level competitors.

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55 min

Supercharging QuickBooks to control and manage cash flow

You use QuickBooks to manage your business, but do you use it to manage your cash flow? QuickBooks does a lot, and you can do more with it.

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63 min

SMB leaders discuss what they need to improve cash flow forecasting and scenario planning

During a lively conversation chock full of harrowing cash flow problems from business leaders who navigated through them, Centime CEO BC Krishna and Early Access clients Dorothy Kolb and Todd Murphy examined how companies can get ahead of potential pitfalls and truly make the most of their cash.

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41 min

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